Wedding Balloons - Large Round Balloons and Foil Balloons

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Here at the Wedding of my Dreams we love balloons, we have large round balloons for weddings as well as silver and gold letter balloons, spell out LOVE, CAKE, MR & MRS. 
Extra large balloons at weddings can look dreamy, soft colours (pinks, blues & whites) with trailing tassel garlands create effortless romance. Have a balloon each for you as a couple, or ask your bridesmaids to hold balloons. The large balloons can also be used in your wedding décor, tie them as chair backs to chairs along the top table. Or ask guests to write their well wishes on cards that can be pegged to the string of the balloons as an alternative wedding guest book.  We also love our newest balloons, the silver and gold letter balloons make a wonderful backdrop at any wedding. Spell out LOVE in gold balloons as the backdrop to your dessert table or against a plan wall at your venue.