Beautiful Gold and Glass Wedding Decorations

wedding decorations gold and glass
Our tea light holders, made from clear glass and a gold rim, have long been adored by our customers. And now, we are thrilled to introduce new additions to our exquisite gold and glass collection!

Enhance your wedding with the elegant and sophisticated look of gold and glass decorations. Perfect for country houses and marquees, these items can also add a touch of rustic glamour to a barn setting.


gold and glass wedding decorations
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Our Favourite Gold and Glass Wedding Decorations:
  1. Tea light holders with gold rim
  2. Larger hurricane candle holders with gold base and gold rim
  3. Gold candlestick holders
  4. If your venue doesn't allow a naked flame try our gold candlestick holders with a hurricane around them
  5. Various bottles and vases made from clear glass with gold rims for your flowers