A while ago one of our customer got in touch and wanted some help naming her tables. She knew she didn’t want to number her tables but was stuck for ideas for table names. We put the question on our facebook page, thanks to everyone who took the time to give their suggestions for naming tables. As there were so many fab suggestions we thought we would publish them on our blog for you all to see.


Ideas for Naming Wedding Tables

  1. Favourite band names
  2. Bands you’ve been to see live
  3. Names of festival’s / events you’ve been to
  4. Favourite song names
  5. Favourite film names
  6. Famous couples
  7. Names of your favourites walks / mountains you’ve climbed
  8. Names of pubs and clubs you first went to
  9. Restaurant you have been on dates
  10. Places relating to your relationship eg 1st home, 1st holiday, hen party, stag party
  11. Cities around the world you have visited
  12. Countries around the world you have visited
  13. Tourist attractions in countries / cities you have visited
  14. Names of sites in the city he proposed
  15. National trust houses you love
  16. Names of streets you’ve lived on
  17. Named after something to do with your theme
  18. Relative to time of year, eg Spring: blossom,  Christmas: mistletoe / names of reindeer
  19. Names of different shades of the colours in your colour scheme
  20. Beach wedding – items you find on the beach
  21. Castle wedding – items you find at a castle
  22. Names of trees
  23. Names of flowers
  24. Names of herbs
  25. Names of butterflies
  26. Names of birds
  27. Names of your family pets
  28. Favourite sports
  29. Favourite sports players
  30. Olympic events
  31. Sporting venues around the world / country
  32. Words that sum up your relationship – trust, happiness, love, laughter
  33. Favourite drinks
  34. Favourite wines
  35. Favourite food
  36. Favourite tea
  37. Favourite cheeses from around the world
  38. Random numbers with photo of the bride and groom at that age, eg 5 with photo of the bride and groom aged 5 years old
  39. Dates that mean something to you eg, 1st June date we met, 25th December date we got engaged
  40. I Love You In different languages
  41. Activities to do with your honeymoon eg) if going on safari names of different animals
  42. Colours of the rainbow