Epic Floral Garlands with Brass Accent Decor - STEAL THIS STYLE

If you have chosen long tables have you thought of full-length floral garlands running down the centre of the table? Passion for Flowers, our sister company recently created this stunning tablescape and we had to share it with you. Full-length foliage garlands with highlights of creamy white flowers and brass accent decor items at the stunning Hampton Manor.

What’s great is you can create a similar look at your own wedding, the props we mean (you probably don’t want to take on a full-length floral garland the morning of your wedding!). The bronze accent decor items really complement this look well. Bronze/brushed gold candlesticks running the length of the table, tiny brass frame place cards for each guests’ napkin and rustic chic table numbers.


Credits: Florist: Passion for Flowers // Props: The Wedding of my Dreams // Photographer: Fjona Weiling Photography