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Wedding Candy Buffet Labels (Personalised) - Free Printables

  • Description
  • We have created some free downloadable candy buffet labels to tie around your candy jars and personalise your sweetie buffet. Choose from 4 designs and colours to suit you.

    Follow this step by step guide to make your own candy buffet labels. Our template lets you personalise the labels, including the bride and grooms name and choice of sweets.

    1. Download your sweetie label templates, install the fonts, and personalise by typing your names and names of your sweets.
    2. Print your labels on to pearlescent card.
    3. Cut out the sweet labels.
    4. Punch holes for the ribbon.
    5. Tie ribbon through the holes and wrap around the sweet jar or around the neck of the sweet jar.


    Black and white simple chic

    Vintage elegance

    Rustic barn

    Candy bright



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